Quicksilver learns the true meaning of his name …

Marvel’s Greatest Tactical Errors: Day Four

Ironically late for the weekly Avengers team meeting, Pietro swings through a ramshackle restaurant, El Perro Borracho, in Oaxaca, Mexico, for a little express take out chimichanga and refried beans. Alas, he did not check the sanitation grade on posted under the urinal in the woman’s bathroom (yeah, you heard that right) and upon entering the Avengers Mansion, well … floomp!


Let’s just say the dénouement involves the ever-resourceful Vision fashioning his cape into a makeshift undergarment, some rather unorthodox use of hex magic and a request from Cap that Jarvis arrange for future meetings to be catered by Gunga Diner. (Yeah, you heard that, too.)

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