Iron Man accessorizes …

Marvel’s Greatest Tactical Errors: Day One

A casual conversation between a young Steve Jobs and a wet-behind-the-ears Tony Stark about creating a product that lends itself to “apps” and “accessories” leads to tragic consequences as Iron Man – Mark 2.0 slices, dices, peels, scatters, smothers, covers, chunks, tops, collates, faxes and makes julienne fries …


“Okay, Mr. Rampaging Hulk, I’m going to give you a right good thrashing once I have this hammer attachment up and running. You just stand there and think about the come-uppance you’re going to get whilst I screw this in place.  Shan’t be much longer until I’m ready to give you a proper beating.” Ummm … he’s not fearful because he’s been watching you frakkin’ with that hammer for 12 minutes …

We won’t even get into Mr. Stark’s earlier failures to understand the challenges of taking the Iron Man suit abroad …


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