Hawkeye fails third-grade science …

Marvel’s Greatest Tactical Errors: Day Six

Trapped on an alien world and fighting a secret war for the amusement of a godlike being, Hawkeye seizes the opportunity to show his heroic prowess and tactical skills by leading the charge against Magneto. It’s a chance to impress the hero elite. Charging headline into battle, he carefully scans a throng of his colleagues at the ready to lend him aid and he utters his cry …

“Hold him, Iron Man!”

Clint … “Hold him, Iron Man”!?!?!?! Iron Man!?!?! … against Magneto … the master … of … magnetism. Think hard. Does something seem amiss in your plan? What? You don’t see anything wrong with the plan? Nothing? Really? You see iron is a metal and magnets work on metal like … oh, hell with it. Know what, just stand there and be funny. Thanks.

Hawkeye's Brilliant Plan

P.S. Here’s a tip — If you’re ever fighting Galactus — the “Hold him, Ant Man!” strategy is out, too. Mmmm ‘kay?

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