Rick Jones … Sidekick … Enabler

Marvel’s Greatest Tactical Errors: Day Nine

With superhuman compassion, Rick helped Dr. Bruce Banner chase the gamma dragon for years, until it became clear, it wasn’t headed in the right direction. The continual moving. The clashes with the PoPo. The waking up in shredded clothing. Hanging out with gamma irradiated freaks. The miles and miles of smashed tanks.

The Hulk Be Gamma Trippin'

Seeking the help of the good folks at  A & E, Rick arranged an intervention.  After reluctantly agreeing to go to treatment, Dr. Banner was kicked out of the Raft Wellness Center and Day Spa for “hulking out” three times in a week and stealing a pair of purple pants.

Tragically, Rick himself was hospitalized years later after suffering paranoid delusions that he was, in fact, another sidekick from an altnerate universe — Lucas “Snapper” Carr.

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