Across the Universe – Marvel’s Cosmic 70th Anniversary Logo

Far out, man! Here’s the latest 70th Anniversary Logo … Marvel’s Cosmic Heroes. So many to choose from, Moondragon and Marvel Boy (The Uranian) just missed the cut. And, Galactus Fans. I called and called, but the current herald insisted the big guy was out eating Skaro or Mondas or Voga the Planet of Gold or something when I was working on this … so you’ll have to catch him over on the Bring on the Bad Guys logo.

Marvel Comics 70th Anniversary Logo

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4 Responses to Across the Universe – Marvel’s Cosmic 70th Anniversary Logo

    • marvelsmartass says:


      I just saw the news item you posted on your site about my blog. I cannot thank you enough! That was incredibly nice. The blog’s not been up long and your support has been extremely helpful. Thanks! I look forward to working with you again to spread the love of comics!


  1. Byron B./Wonder Worlock says:


    Thanks for getting The Watcher in. Now we KNOW this is important stuff!

  2. Doug says:

    SWEET!!! That really made my day! Thanks!

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