Why I Love Marvel Comics: Secret Wars #4

It’s been a long day. I just took five to skim an Secret Wars #4 on Marvel.com … and what did I find, more reasons I love Marvel. It’s sharing time.
I got ... A-Lien He-ealing!

I got ... A-Lien He-ealing!


Okay, so it’s like 30 minutes after the bad guys dropped a freakin’ MOUNTAIN on the Secret Wars good guys, and what’s going on?

1)     When confronted with whether to let an alien — who may or may not be hostile — “help” the fallen heroes, the considered judgment of Reed Richards (Psst! The biggest brain in the cosmos) is “I GUESS CAN’T HURT”!?!?!?! Hey, Reed, how did that thinking work out in a few issues when Spider-Man tries out the clothing machine?

2)     Johnny Storm is ready to get his Captain Kirk on with a piece of alien “strange” he just met. Um … they have STDs on other worlds, dude. And, part of his pick up is a reference to a Culture Club reference!?!?!

3)     James Rhodes is a pilot. He is lead engineer at Stark Industries. He is qualified to operate and REPAIR a state-of-the-art suit of armor. So, why does he sound like Shaft?

BONUS: Um … what exactly is the alien healer hottie doing to She-Hulk? Is that some Barry White form of healing or something?

Man, I love me some Marvel.

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1 Response to Why I Love Marvel Comics: Secret Wars #4

  1. Wow, that is some hot girl-on-girl/alien-on-hulkette action! Is that a loofah or a pound cake? Or sandpaper… oh god I was so much more innocent before you pointed out that panel!!

    Gotta love those Jennifer Beals “Flashdance” leg-warmers on Shulkie, though…

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