Why I Love Marvel Comics: Tales of Suspense #48

I love that this two-panel sequence is in existence. I love that the character that after Iron Man fought the likes of Crimson Dynamo, Jack Frost and The Melter, it was, in fact, the Mysterious Mr. Doll who made him ditch the gold costume for the badass crimson and gold. That’s right, not the Mandarin. Not the Unicorn. Not Whiplash.

The. Mysterious. Mister. Doll. [You read that right. Check it here.]

The only thing I hate is that Stan Lee wrote this dialogue and not me. God, I love Marvel Comics.
Hold still, you! I'm going to sculpt you THEN kick your ass!

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2 Responses to Why I Love Marvel Comics: Tales of Suspense #48

  1. dailypop says:

    Check out that decompressed storytelling!

    ‘Even now I am changing the features of my little doll to resemble you!’

    ‘There! It is done!’

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