Why I Love Marvel Comics: Avengers West Coast #51

John Bryne is a sick man. A sick, sick man. Evidence: Avengers West Coast #51

I love Marvel Comics for their pure wild abandon. Evidence: Avengers West Coast #51

A few months ago, a writer friend of mine and I debated whether or not comics could really scare you. After all, you control the environment in which you read them. There are no sound effects, pacing tricks or camera shots to heighten your sense of fear. At best, they can disgust you. I begged to differ. Two comics have scared the hell out of me and stayed with me.

One is the Creepshow comic. Honestly. It took me years to summon the courage to touch green moss (meteorcrap!) or kill a cockroach after reading that as a 12-year-old boy.

The other is the reappearance of Master Pandemonium in Avengers West Coast. Introduced in WCA #4 … the guy was a total doofus. But, by issue #51, he stole the effing souls of Scarlet Witch’s two sons and made them into his effing arms and hands. Ick! As drawn by John Byrne, this is some sick shit. And, it stayed with me for years … so I have to love it.

This comic gives the term “baby arm” a whole new meaning. (I couldn’t resist.)

Master Pandemonium flourishes his baby arm ... ahem ... arms.

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