The Rise and Fall of Ull – God of Skiing

As I have spent the last four months poking gentle fun of others’ creations, perhaps it’s time to apply my patented blend of smartassery on one of my own creations … 🙂

It was 1985. I was 12. I read a book on Norse mythology and became convinced that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had missed the boat on a VERY marketable god. Thor? Odin? Sif? Balder? Losers. Why not, Ull, God of Hunting and Skiing?

He would be the actual god, no human avatar, but would be a world-class archer and, of course, a genius inventor.

Mr. Ull is the handsome chap in the back right.

 No one puts Ull in the corner. Now, out of Odin’s shadow, he stood, poised to take the mantle of Marvel’s most Ewok-like god.

Just in case you weren't sure, Ull demonstrates the proper way to hold a magic arrow.

 It was killing me … why wasn’t ull taking off? Of course, he needed a team around him … and a rocket powered sled he stole from Kris Kringle.

P.S. Check out the crazy, red and white striped dude in the back. He was “Graphixxx” (must have three x’s). He put on a special belt and became a cartoon character. When I saw Slapstick years later, I almost fell over.

And, when firing a laser at a clawed, demon-like monster (left) wouldn’t any self-respecting meta-human wish for SFX that’s a little more imposing than, “Paf”?

Any resemblance to Hulk, Shadowcat, Dr. Fate or Giant Man in this image is purely conincidental due to me ripping them all off.

Any resemblances you see to the Hulk, Shawdowcat, Giant-Man and Dr. Fate are purely coincidental as I was totally ripping them off.

After years of failing to gain the notoriety he so richly deserves, Ull tried to make a late 90s return with a more earthy look and and a new attitude ready to take on his mortal enemy, PETA.

Ull added shades after seeing a late-night showing of “The Matrix” in Valhalla and dumped the hood. After all, what Norse god could be taken seriously with blue, furry ears?

In retrospect, the decision to create an “Ice and Water” partnership with Aquarias, the groovy, black Aqua Man, was an ill-conceived move by the mightly god of winter sports. Ull did, however, land a lucrative contract as a teddy bear model at Gund.

He still lifts weights and expects a call any day from Kieron Gillen.

He's dark ... he's deep ... he has a forelock that hangs in front of his goggle!

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2 Responses to The Rise and Fall of Ull – God of Skiing

  1. Jen says:

    Holy crap. This is beautiful. The bearded goodness of that last image is almost too much to bear (hoho! Unintentional pun!).

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