Thor … Thunder God & Broken Little Boy

Okay… so, I love Marvel Comics. We all get that, right? Here’s another reason why … innocence. Check out this panel from Journey Into Mystery #112. The story sets up a titanic showdown between the God of Thunder and the Rampaging Hulk at a time when fighting the Green Monster was a mark … Thing vs. Hulk, Avengers vs. Hulk, etc. Click here to read up on the issue.

This panel is on page 2, and is all about Thor sitting down with some fightin’ fanboys who are arguing in the street over who’s the biggest bad ass, Thor or Hulk. So, the fair-haired god sits down for a little chat with them. It’s all part of Stan and Jack making their heroes relatable. Heck, Marvel heroes will sit down a spell and tell you war stories. Would Superman design to do that? Batman would just punch you in the face and arrest you for jaywalking!

But, take out the dialogue … and look at it with jaded, sarcastic 2009 eyes. Doesn’t it look like he’s telling them about a childhood memory of when he was molested by the Midgard Serpent? Yes, I know it’s sick…but you thought it, too.

Tonight ... on a very special "Journey Into Mystery" ...

On a non-smartass note, Jack Kirby’s work is beautifully inked by the incomparable Chic Stone. The King’s work was made or broken by his inkers. When Vince Colletta inked Thor… not so much. But, give Jack Chic Stone or Mike Royer … your head explodes.

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2 Responses to Thor … Thunder God & Broken Little Boy

  1. danmcfan says:

    Ouch! Hey, some of us loved those Kirby and Colletta drawn comic books, especially Thor. I hope you will learn to appreciate everyone who helped to promote Kirby’s vision. That would also include Stan Lee whom I’m guessing you aren’t too fond of either. You a Kirby fanatic? Never would have guessed.

    • marvelsmartass says:

      Whoa. Thanks for the feedback. A couple of things …

      – If I gave the impression I don’t like Stan Lee … I feel bad. Couldn’t be further from the truth. This whole blog really is a love letter to those days. You know how you rib and tease your best friends and siblings … that’s what this is. And, I LOVE Thor.

      – I like lots of Colette’s work, but my preference is for those who inked Kirby’s work with bolder strokes and shadows. Coletta’s work on Thor feels light and rushed to me.

      Thanks, Brother.

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