This Smartass loves the First Amendment

To quote DJ Kool … let me clear my throat …

I’m a smart ass. I like to speak my mind, so that means I’m very close friends with the first ammendment. And, that requries me to be open to all opinions as well as my own.

My last post noted I don’t really appreciate Vince Colletta’s work on Thor or generally on Jack Kirby’s work. I prefer dark, bold inks to compliment Kirby’s larger than life style. The delicate, light cross-hatching Colletta used on much of Thor ain’t my cup o’ tea.  But, that doesn’t mean I dislike his work in other comics and genres. He is a comics legend. And deserves such status.

Blogger Dan McFan took a little more exception to my words than were intended. I don’t necessarily agree with him or some of the ways he expresses his love for Colletta’s work, but his passion is palpable and he’s assembled a very interesting collection of art on his blog. Click here to read,  enjoy and form your own opinion.

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3 Responses to This Smartass loves the First Amendment

  1. Brendan says:

    I will agree with you on choice of inkers, when it comes to Kirby, the bolder the better. I like Sinnott’s inks on Kirby, but Chic Stone was tops. Appreciated him even more when I saw the work without colors in the Essential trades. However, well put when handling criticism and recognizing that others can appreciate artists that you’re not a particular fan of.

    Digging your blog. Glad I found it.


  2. marvelsmartass says:

    Thanks, Brendan. Glad you found me, too. Yeah … if you have strong opinins, you need to be prepared to accept them, too.

    Keep coming back. I’ll check out your blog!

    – MSA

  3. Edgewood Ooo says:

    I dunno dude, the inks on the example you provided look pretty dark AND bold. What are you trying to say, exactly?

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