That’s Marvel BadAss(es)! ~ Week Six

Good evening, my little smartasses! I know you have been waiting on pins and needles for me to reveal the identity of this week’s Marvel BadAss! Well … it’s worth the wait, my friends. As there are two whose increadible badassery is worthy of note.

BadAss One: Jim McCann

Marvel’s Marketing Maven, resurrector of my beloved Mockingbird in New Avengers: The Reunion and David Lopez -collaborator, Jim McCann, is celebrating his birthday today. And, to prove he’s been a hardcore member of the Marvel Marching Society for … ahem … decades, here is a drawing of Nightcrawler he made back in 1989. (How I came by this here drawing, I can reveal but upon pain of death, my friends.)

Huzzah, good author and bearded fanboy! May 2010 bring exciting things. Oh, wait! It will … the OGN “Return of the Dapper Men” with artist Janet Lee!  (No, not Janet Leigh. That’s the shower scene chick from “Psycho.”)

Marvel BadAss Two: Joel Priddy

This week, I cracked open my copy of “The Best American Comics – 2006” and found Joel Priddy’s “The Amazing Life of Onion Jack”  – a 10-page encapsulation of the life and times of a relucatant superhero. It manages to be an incredible celebration of the “comic-bookiness” that endears me to comics, while being a taut, well-written creation of an engaging universe. I wanted more when I was done. And, if you pick up the book or visit Joel’s Beeswax Blog, I think you will, too.

But, what makes it MARVEL BadAss? Row 2 … panel 4. Panel 3 references Spider-Man, but panel 4 — oh, panel 4 —  Mongoose Serum! A REFERENCE TO THE ORIGIN OF THE WHIZZER! Beautiful. I fell in like on panel 3. I fell in LOVE on panel 4. (Oooh … that’s a name of a blog). Mr. Priddy, we salute thee!

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5 Responses to That’s Marvel BadAss(es)! ~ Week Six

  1. Davizzz says:

    Hey, Tim,

    It’s Jim’s not mine!

  2. marvelsmartass says:

    I know, David. He did this drawing for me many years go. That sentence may read funny … I’m describing him as a “David Lopez” collaborator.

  3. Stefano says:

    Caio Tim your AIM stories are the best
    …”Doomed dome of Doom” ….GENIALE!!!
    Sincerely, Stefano

  4. Davizzz says:

    Oh… me no enterner… I bits of stupiddddzzzz 8-(

  5. Michael (Mochi) says:

    Jimbo was certainly a Marvel Badass artist! Davizzz better watchout! Also I’d like to note that Jim’s signature has not changed in decades and I find that funny and kinda badass! 8^)

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