Junior Marvel BadAss! ~ Ms. Marvel Arrives!

Color me surprised, but the big Christmas present in my house has turned out to be the Marvel Super Hero Squad Wii game my wife got me. My little girls (4 and 6) like their ZhuZhu Pets and their art materials, but the Wii game — not meant for them — has kicked off an unexpected wave of superhero love in our house.

Dinner table conversations surround whether Invisible Woman could beat The Hulk or whether The Abomination is a “mer-man.” They want to know if the Juggernaut is married. They believe that Iron Man and Crimson Dynamo are brothers. And, they wait with rapt attention to see if today will be the day we’ll unlock the object of their anticipation — Ms. Marvel.

Well, today was the day Ms. Carol Danvers arrived in all her glory. And, there was much rejoicing. In Ms. Marvel’s honor, my oldest daughter, Grace, whipped off this picture as she was on her way to bed. My friends, I am proud of my girls for many things. But, this … well, it’s just badass. I am one proud poppa.

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