Why I Love Marvel Comics ~ Cap’s Kooky Quartet

One of my favorite Avengers teams assembled for the first time in Avengers #16Captain America, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Lovingly nicknamed “Cap’s Kooky Quartet,” this four-some was a true game changer. As a lifelong Hawkeye maniac … how could I not be enchanted with this group!?!

These days, line-up changes are the norm. But this was the first truly jarring  roster change for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (although we had seen the departure of The Hulk and the addition of Captain America before). Truly bold on Stan’s part … replacing favorites like Iron Man, Giant Man, Wasp and Thor with two b-side “evil” mutants and the personification of “Murphy’s Law”… Hawkeye. There’s no way it could work, right? But, it did. Cap took a break eventually, but the core of the group stayed together until issue #52. And, have returned time and time again.

So, that’s a long way to say, I have been meaning to put together a tribute image for the “Bombastic Four” for quite a while and tonight … after a long day at work and an extremely unathletic night on the treadmill  … I was inspired. Enjoy!

Here’s another take on it …

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