That’s Marvel BadAss! ~ Week Eight!

When I started this blog, it was in an attempt to share a lifelong love of comics … particularly Marvel Comics … with “the world.” My intention was to be able to talk about the world of comics. But, I didn’t think that meant I’d become part of the world of comics.

One of the most welcome and unexpected results of starting Marvel Smartass has been getting to know the creators of  the artform I adore — from writers to marketing folk to artists. And, I have been humbled when people whose work I respect take the time to reach out to me to comment on the art, ideas and commentary I post here.

Today, was one of those experiences when I received a very kind note from artist and creator of Johnny Recon, Mitch Gerads. He invited me to visit the new Comic TWARTS blog he established this week with other Marvel BadAsses, Evan Shaner and Chris Samnee, and many others. And, as excited as I was to hear from Mitch, I’d already been drooling over the Zorro theme that’s up on the blog right now all week.

This blog demands being put into your favorites and your blogroll right now. It’s tops! And, totally badass. Mitch, thanks for reaching out and sharing your work. I can’t wait until next week’s TWART theme! 

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3 Responses to That’s Marvel BadAss! ~ Week Eight!

  1. andy kuhn says:

    Thanks for the kind words about COMIC TWART.
    Next week’s gonna be a blast, keep watching!

  2. wereviking says:

    I never really got Hawkeye. I mean, he doesn’t even have a disability, he’s just a guy with a bow on a team with alternating Greek and Norse gods (or demigods). What gives?


    Zephyr — a superhero webcomic in prose

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