Why I Love Marvel Comics ~ X-Men #10

Aaah,  Marvel … Aaaah, the 60s …

In just their tenth issue, Stan and Jack sent the X-Men on the first of many mutant field trips to the Savage Land for a team-up with Ka-Zar. And, following that humble little excursion to the true “land down under.” In the years following, a visit to the Savage Land damn near became a rite of passage for every hero in the Marvel U — from Captain America and the Thing to Daredevil and Mockingbird. Wanna know more? The good folks at ComicVine can lend a hand here: http://www.comicvine.com/savage-land/34-21766/issues-cover/

This land is full of a never ending array of colorful wonders — stuff you KNOW Jack enjoyed the hell out of drawing. The place is crawling with dinosaurs and prehistoric vegatation and ape men, but that ain’t nearly crazy enough for Stan. He has to invent … THE T-REX ELEVATOR! Come on. Admit it … you want one for your backyard right now!

(Oh, yeah. Read closely on panel one. Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie … that’s not Scott you’re next to. It’s Warren. You know, the one with the wings? Scott has the groovy red glasses. I know you’re terrified and all, but, honey, that’s embarassing.)


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1 Response to Why I Love Marvel Comics ~ X-Men #10

  1. Easily my favorite early X-Men issue. Love the way Kirby drew Zabu, too!

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