“DC Vampires” – You Heard It Here First!

My six year-old daughter, Grace, is still on her superhero drawing kick — scribbling on any scrap of paper she can find. Today, she decided to share her take on Power Girl (yes, she is exposed to DC, I am a bad father). And, while it is remarkable (and not just a little refreshing) that she was oblivious to PG’s … ahem … endowments, what I found most intriguing is the the fact that Gracie chose to give this superheroine pointed teeth.

Could it be that my daughter is a marketing genius? Does she have a hotline to Dan Didio? Or, is it just natural instinct to know that DC would attempt to counter the runaway success of Marvel Zombies with their own horror spin on their happy-go-lucky characters? Would they unleash hell in the form of … DC VAMPIRES?

What!?!? DC walking on the dark side!?!? Nah. That’s just ridiculous. They would never subject their characters to murder, bloodlust and horrific violence. That’s just talking crazy.

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2 Responses to “DC Vampires” – You Heard It Here First!

  1. Jen says:

    Give her her own tag! These are fantastic!

  2. Davizzz says:

    Yeah, give her!

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