“Heroic Age” – The E! True Hollywood Story

I don’t know what side of the fence you come down on, but I was really jazzed to see the promotional image for Marvel’s coming “The Heroic Age.”

Now, I’m in marketing for a living … and I am not usually susceptible to hype, but seeing my boy Clint Barton in the ol’ purple and blue made my day. Whether it lives up to my very high expectations to restore some “comicbookiness” to Marvel or whether it’s just so much spin … well, we can debate that later. Me, I’m hopeful. Let’s have fun today.

But, looking at the image, I got to wondering what Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were saying as  they posed Mr. Cheung …

Please, buy Gorilla Man comics. Simian poo is very aerodynamic and VERY nasty ...

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2 Responses to “Heroic Age” – The E! True Hollywood Story

  1. manolis says:

    90210 all the way 😀

  2. Davizzz says:

    You’re killing me…

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