Folks, She’s British AND a Bad Ass!

If you have read this blog a bit or follow me on Twitter, there’s no secret that one of my “bestest” Web buddies is Jen AKA Mockingnerd.

She’s a fangirl. She’s a talented artist (check out this insane General Greivous she did) and seamstress. She works with marine animals by day and hangs out with her boyfriend at night bonding over their mutual love of comics. For cosplay, she dresses as Mockingbird and he as Hawkeye! (Folks, that’s just meant to be.)

And, now she has expanded her repertoire into custom action figures. Seriously, if you haven’t checked out her blog, go here and see more shots of her new Mockingbird action figure. Awesome.

Okay, gushing officially over …

By any measure, that's just badass!

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