That’s Marvel BadAss! ~ Week Nine

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the incredible Web site of Maris Wicks, a truly funny person and an extremely talented artist. And,while I wish she blogged more frequently (for the purely selfish enjoyment of reading them) and a little more frequently on Marvel Comics … she is more than worthy of the title “That’s Marvel BadAss!”

Seriously, head on over to her blog and enjoy, particularly the one-panel strips she posted in 2008 and before. You’ll spend 45 minutes on the site, at a minimum. And, you’ll leave happy!

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1 Response to That’s Marvel BadAss! ~ Week Nine

  1. marvelsmartass says:

    I was excited to get this note. Thanks, Maris!

    Thanks Tim!!

    I just looked at the post; thanks for all the kind words! I do love superhero comics, and I wish I drew them more. Maybe someday I’ll get paid to draw superhero comics (that would be AWESOME!!). I really love Kitty Pryde; I think she might be my favorite Marvel Character (even though I’ve never drawn her…).

    Anyhow, you’ve got a cool blog, and thanks for linking to me. If it’s OK, I think I’ll link to your blog.



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