Marvel Two-In-One – Mockingbird!

Today was a snow day here in Charlotte, N.C. — which is to say, there was ice on the road somewhere in a 200-mile radius. So, there was no school today. The girls and I elected to spend the morning trying to see if an A.I.M. Agent could beat the Juggernaut on Super Hero Squad (not without much effort playing and stifling swear words).

Oh, and Gracie declared today was the day we draw Mockingbird. She chose to go with the David Lopez-designed New Avengers goggles. I went old school. And, apparently, Bobbie wasn’t too pleased about it.

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4 Responses to Marvel Two-In-One – Mockingbird!

  1. Jen says:

    Oh hell yes.

    I’m wondering what she’d have to say if Ms. Marvel turned up at the door one day…

  2. Jen says:

    I meant Gracie, not Bobbi. Ahem.

  3. Michael (Mochi) says:

    Gracie will be a convert soon enough and will pass over Ms. Marvel as her love and appreciation for Bobbi grows…she’s definitely a Marvel SmartAss if there ever was one in the MU. Mockingbird, not Gracie!

  4. Michael (Mochi) says:

    PS – Gracie’s drawing is adorable! I’m sure Davizzz would appreciate her drawing inspiration from his design.

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