“I AM AN AVENGER”- Sneak Peak!

If you’re like this smartass, you’re totally jazzed about the return to a more heroic, “comicbooky” Avengers team. And, you’re checking Marvel.com every day to see the next in the line of the “I am an Avenger posters.” Well, I couldn’t wait any longer and broke into the Marvel offices in NYC to find out what ol’ Brian Michael Bendis has in store for us in coming days … and, all I can say is … “WHAT THE…!?!?!?!”

P.S. Dear Marvel, please find a place for the Two-Gun Kid in the new Avengers titles. Pretty please with bullets on top.

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5 Responses to “I AM AN AVENGER”- Sneak Peak!

  1. David says:

    I’d be jazzed about it if it weren’t by Bendis, the architect (along with Millar and others) of most of what I’ve hated for the last six years at Marvel. I have no faith in this.

    • marvelsmartass says:


      Thanks for this comment. I hope it’s understood that this is not a Marvel propganda site … or one intolerant of other opinions. Truth be told, I am not a big Bendis fan. He has his skills. But, they don’t appeal to my sensibilities. I dumped New Avengers off the pull sheet several years ago — and left it off despite the membership of my beloved Mockingbird and Hawkeye. The one time I dipped my toe in the water — this year’s annual — I came away pissed and feeling cheated of what could have been an exciting, impactful story. Hawkeye’s breakout could have been cool. But, no fight with the Dark Avengers and endless discussion from characters they could be punching people while talking, does not a $4.99 annual make.

      I am more hopeful of the spill-over effect this promised tonal shift to heroism and good vs. evil will have on the Marvel U. in general. I want to see how writers I do enjoy – Gage, Slott, McCann, Fraction, etc. – play with it. I hope the Marvel U. is fun again and that the Avengers, in particular, are full of bat-shit crazy adventures and tussles with colorful super villains. (Mustache twitching not required, but very much appreciated.)

  2. Mr. Q says:

    I have to agree with M.O.D.O.K. on the Bendis crack. Plus, according to my sources, Mr. Bendis may be a total douche-bag. Just ask the majority of Avenger characters that got the short end of the stick when he took over (Vision, Tigra, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Ant Man II, the majority of the mutant population…).

    Time to “Ban the Bendis”, people!

    Mr. Q

    • marvelsmartass says:

      I’ll say this for Bendis … he brought my beloved Avengers back to prominence. And, for that, I am thankful. And, he does set some interesting things in motion. As I said above, I am less interested in what he does and more with what other writers do with the obstacles and plot threads he gives them. For instance:

      1) I miss Vision and Scott Lang, too. BUT … it led to the Iron Land/Vision and Stature — two characters I enjoy immensely.

      2) The beating/rape(?) of Tigra … not so much for me. BUT, I love that Dan Slott and Christos Gage have made the the leader of the resistance. She has come into her own. She’s not just a sex kitten anymore kids.

      3) Scarlet Witch … well, I never really loved the character. Too angsty for me. Always seemed like a wet blanket to me. But, being a reality shredding psycho in the Marvel U. …? Well, that fate seems a little cruel. You can only play the “Parallax” card everyone once in a while where a hero becomes the villain.

      4) Wasp? Yeah. I miss her. The Marvel U. needs strong women. Janet went from “Girl Friday” to field general in her time. I thought her death was cheap. And I hate Hank as “Wasp.” Like … a lot.

      • Mr. Q says:

        I’m not totally hating Bendis as in “the man needs to be nailed to two pieces of wood” type of hate. But I’m not big on his missteps in Avengers and in the crossover events. He’s great at Ultimate Spider-Man but in the regular MU he does screw up and it stacks up. Mainly his continuity mistakes and mishandling of characters. Some characters he nails perfectly, others he’s miles off.

        I will grant you that the new Vision and Stature are good characters and slowly coming into their own. I just wish Tigra was giving a better deal (mainly cause she’s a fav of mine and deserves to shine a bit better in the MU). She does lead a team in Avengers Initiative but she’s going down a bad path due to the Hood’s manhandling. Also being preggers with a Skrull baby is a F***in’ stupid idea. Just once, I’d like to sit in the idea session of Marvel, find the nitwit who came up with that and backhand that schmuck right across the mouth.

        Scarlet Witch just going postal… I gotta call bullshit on that. Just having her lose it due to the chaos magic is a total cop out imo. I would believe it if she was possessed by an evil force or, for the sake of argument, taken over by her teacher Harkness for some devious plot yet to be revealed. Finally, Wasp’s death was a total mishandle (btw, notice a pattern of female character abuse by Bendis? Need to look into that). But, in fairness, its turning Hank Pym’s role around in a big way and its mostly due to Dan Slott. I would rather see Dan writing Avengers in the Age of Heroes than Bendis. He’s had his turn on the merry-go-round, now its time for someone else to ride. I do hope Jan comes back. We need more strong heroines in the MU. Marvel is making some effort but they could do much better.

        Final note, celebrating She-Hulk’s 30th anniversary by “killing” her off prior to it… not a bright idea. Time to take Jeff Leob to the retirement village. He’s so lost in the Hulk run he’s taking Jeff Parker with him.

        Mr. Q

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