Why I Love Marvel Comics ~ Alan Davis

I would buy a comic about the meat packing industry if it were illustrated by Alan Davis. The consistency of the man’s work  … the details … the softness. He had me 25 years ago when I was given an issue of Bat-Man and the Outsisders he drew. His work was like nothing I had ever seen in comics. And, in 2010, there are darn few imitators. Sure, I bought The Nail and Another Nail and Bat-Man: Year Tw,o but it’s with Marvel characters where I feel his work really shines. Especially with his run on Captain Britian with Alan Moore — a series whic still holds me captivated, sickened and excited by its sheer audacity and the ability of Davis to make something so horrific, yet so pretty at the same time.

And, as much as I like Eaglesham’s work on The Fantastic Four, the Alan Davis covers make me wish the art inside matched them.

The dude can make any character look cool. Evidence: Check out Miss America in the two images above. Tell me you wouldn’t read a comic about her! (Umm … his She-Hulk IS a tad butch, though.)

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3 Responses to Why I Love Marvel Comics ~ Alan Davis

  1. Mr. Q says:

    I dunno, I think Shulkie looks rather lovely. But then, tall, super-strong women with green skin always push my buttons. ^_^

    I wish we could see more of Alan’s work in Marvel these days. I also enjoy the works of Mark Bagley (one of the best Spider-Man artists imo), George Perez, and Arthur Adams (I so miss Monkeyman and O’Brien).

    Mr. Q

  2. Mitchell Craig says:

    I’ve especially liked Alan’s work on Excalibur, especially the way he drew Kitty. I would not mind seeing him tackle an Excalibur Forever series.
    I’m also impressed by his current run of covers for Fantastic Four.

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