Heroic Age Teaser Poster with MI-13!

Thus far, I continue to be hopeful about The Heroic Age, if only for the fact that is seems some of my favorite characters — Hawkeye, Beast, Gorilla Man, 3-D Man, Mockingbird and now, another in my Marvel top 5 — Dane Whitman, the Black Knight!

I think the art here is fantastic, but is it me or are all of these heroes looking in, like 245 different directions? And, since when is a hero, who wears chain mail agile enough ro be hanging out on lamp poles? And, what’s with the lady in white in the background (Venus?). So … how cold is it there?

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2 Responses to Heroic Age Teaser Poster with MI-13!

  1. David says:

    Is it me or is the lighting also coming from many different angles?

  2. marvelsmartass says:

    Yeah … definitely above and below.

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