That’s Marvel BadAss! ~ Week Eleven

My fellow smartasses, this Thursday feature, where I set the sarcasm aside and highlight both established and aspiring creators has become my favorite post of the week. I hope you’re havin’ fun, too. Today, there’s lots o’  love to spread around.

When I want a little inspiration, I just pop (no pun intended) on over to the incredible Web site, Kirby Vision, where artists pay homage to The King. And, Marc Basile is a true highlight. He has produced lots of Kirby art, but the Lichtenstein/Warhol inspired Kirby pop art above rocks. I haven’t found a Web site for him, but Kirby Vision says he teaches illustration and design at Sussex County Community College, New Jersey. How much do you want to take that class!?!?! Check out Marc’s art on KV here!

More Marvel BadAssery!
Marvel made some announcements I am really digging!

First, Jeff Parker, one of my favorite writers, is bringing back the Agents of Atlas for The Heroic Age with 3-D Man. I must confess that I didn’t like Triathlon very much. But, the spin Slott and Gage gave him in The Initiative, transforming him into a new 3-D Man … a leader and hero of the war against the Skrulls makes intrigued to see how he interacts with the tomorrow’s team of today!

I’m no Dazzler fanatic. But, I AM an unabashed member of McFanns for Jim McCann. I always find it fun to read comics written by writers who truly love their characters — characters they grew up reading and dreaming about. That joy and love shows through in the writing. And, I know McCann wouldn’t take on his beloved Alison Blaire without a really fun story to tell. Should be a good time.

Finally, I haven’t visited the store in New Jersey, but I have followed Sal (@HallOfHeroes) on Twitter. He’s a nice guy with lots o’ cool superhero swag. Check him out!

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2 Responses to That’s Marvel BadAss! ~ Week Eleven

  1. Jen says:

    Oh wow, I want to own all of those.

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