Happy Valentines Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day … not my favorite holiday. But, I did have a great dinner with the wife and found a perfect excuse to wax eloquent about my favorite couples in the Marvel Universe.

If you’ve spent any time on this site, you know that means Hawkeye and Mockingbird. And, it has been since Hawk and Mock got hitched in Vegas & jumped in the heart shaped tub. I confess to being a bit of a romantic and these two had me at, “Hello.” I know they’ve been tagged as the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” of Marvel, but, to me, they’re the Sawyer and Juliet — two damaged, but noble people who found each other and make one helluva team.

But, who else? Peter and Mary Jane. Sue and Reed. Rogue and Gambit. Hulkling and Wiccan. Tony and Pepper. Cap and Agent 13. Surfer and Shalla Bal. Phyla and Moondragon. Bah! Easy. Who are the unsung romances of the Marvel U.

The original Marvel “Bro-mance.” Yeah, yeah … Beast loved Dazzler and Wondy fell for the Scarlet Witch, but let’s be real. Nothing compared to the brotherly love shared by a They went drinking. They saw movies.  They died and mutated. Please, Heroic Age, we want a reunion!

Okay, so this is like the perfect relationship for Medusa. The man cannot talk. He just has to listen to her. I hate to say it, but I think my wife would adore this arrangement. I don’t quite have the upper body of Black Bolt, but milady does have red hair …


Jack Kirby loved playing with big, big emotions. And, nothing compared to the bond shared by a vicious, yet oddly tender giant reptile and a Rick Jones archetype as the missing link. Too bad Devil ate Moonboy in the unpublished 10th issue.


It’s like the Marvel U. version of  “She’s All That.” Geeky, skinny girl, “Skeeter” is transported to an alien battleworld where Dr. Doom transforms her into Anna Nicole Smith with superpowers. So, she starts dating a jailbird blessed with magical abilities by Loki. Remember: The couple that beats She-Hulk to a pulp together, stays together.

Sure, on the surface, it just looks like he wants to EAT the Earth. But, let’s get real. There are millions of planets out there he could tap. But, he keeps coming back. He sends heralds. He makes demands. He takes up residence. And, every time the Earth plays hard to get and sends him packing … he comes back for more. Baby, that’s codependance.

Move over Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Andrea and Andreas von Strucker must be in physical contact to make their powers work. (‘Cause, that’s not weird.) And, when Andrea is killed, well … her dear brother tans her skin and wraps it around a sword handle so he can adventure on and work with Norman Osborn to earn a clone of her. Ew.

Guys … I gotta’ go. I’m gettin’ misty over here.

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