Why I Love Marvel Comics: Astonishing Tales #13

Wow! That's some six pack on a scientist/hired muscle.

Okay, so I love Mockingbird. We’ve established that, right? Well, long before “Astonishing” was a brand name for a new line of Marvel Comics, it was part of the title “Astonishing Tales,” a comic that spent a lot of time on Ka-Zar and gave birth to one S.H.E.I.L.D. agent/super biologist gymnast, Bobbi Morse. And, Bobbi’s origin just so happens to correspond with an appearance of another of my Marvel passions, A.I.M. beekepers. So it stands to reason I have a great affection for Astonishing Tales #13. And this two panel snippet shows why …

Put yourself in a beekeeper’s position:  You’re good with math. You excel at physics. You skip prom to attend a LEXX convention. You get a scholarship and then a fellowship. And, then, a gigantic floating head recruits you to split atoms, carry a gun and get beaten up my the myriad heroes of the Marvel U. Such is the life of a beekeper. And, this is no exception as this poor dude, who finds himself out of the lab and face to face with a sabretooth in a primordial jungle. As we say in the South … bless his heart.

Oh, and kudos to Zabu for showing restraint and only tearing the guys’ shirt. You go, big cat!

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