Who’s Still Sittin’ on the Bench? THE RANGERS!

Dear Marvel — One Halloween upon a time, a little boy growing up in Nashville was given a copy of Incredible Hulk #265 at the coolest … and apparently most controversial … house in the city. The issue was drawn by the incomparable Al Milgrom and written by the delightfully absurd Bill Mantlo. It starred a make-shift group of Texas heroes named, appropriately enough, The Rangers. And, though the Rangers were hopelessly outmatched and easily defeated by the Green Goliath … that little boy was enraptured. They popped up again in West Coast Avenger #8 … and then briefly in the 50 States Initiative … but, it’s high time they had a mini.

Now, I’m Southern (not “Texas Southern,” but “Southern Southern” just the same) and I’d like to throw my hat in the ring. So, give me a holler, ya’ hear? Yee … and, may I add … Haw!

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