Hawkeye Holla’! ~ Handlin’ Your Business with Class

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1 Response to Hawkeye Holla’! ~ Handlin’ Your Business with Class

  1. Mr. Q says:

    Damn affirmative action! If it ain’t one thing that is screwin’ ol’ Clint, its another.

    btw, how the f*** does Henry Gyrich still have a job in anything government wise?! This retard could screw up a glass of ice water for crying out loud. If anything, the Obama administration should give his job to a black man just for excluding Clint from the Avengers.

    And on a final note, I truly believe the SHRA must be abolished and those who voted it in should be beating over the head and ass with a boat paddle. When the US government can get together as a whole group, solve the health care problem, unemployment, and its many other problems while living a double life as a costumed crime fighter, then I will be glad to hear their policies on super human reform. Until then, KEEP YER PECKERS OUT OF THE AFFAIRS OF SUPER HEROES!!!

    Mr. Q (never trust anyone in a suit, best advice I can give ya)

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