Why I Love Marvel Comics: Marvel Two-In-One #43

This may be my favorite Marvel panel … ever. Leave it to Marvel’s long-time editor, Ralph Macchio, to put our words in Ben Grimm’s mouth. [Begin sarcasm.] What’s so odd,  Benny? It’s just your typical day when a sentient pile of orange rocks wakes up in a swamp where a reincarnated man named Jude who is, in fact, the undead embodiment of entropy looks on as a former scientist turned swamp monster reaches for a floating cube that contains the power to warp reality as two men endowed by a “super soldier formula,” one from WWII who was frozen in a block of ice and freed by the Price of Atlantis just in time to be discovered by a newly formed team of costumed adventurers just passing by in a sub … the other an aged scientist obsessed with gladiators … fight in the background. If I had a nickel for every time  …[End sarcasm.]

You’re the best, Ralph!

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1 Response to Why I Love Marvel Comics: Marvel Two-In-One #43

  1. Mr. Q says:

    O_O That’s a thought that doesn’t require marijuana. Maybe an anti-psychotic….

    Mr. Q

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