Why I Love Marvel Comics ~ Iron Man #127

Today, Marvel Digi-Comics put up Iron Man #127 where the ol’ Shellhead fights … well … everyone in an “iron melee.” It’s like a who’s who of Iron Man, which is to say … a confederacy of dunces. Now, I personally like them for their cheesiness, but it’s not exactly, say, Bat-Man’s Rogues Gallery. Seriously, someone paid Leap Frog to take to take down the Iron Man. And,  (I love it), but the Beetle costume with the purple fire hose fingers wouldn’t scare a kindergartner.  

 And, what the hell is with Bob Layton’s version of the Porcupine costume with the tail for a mouth!?!?! Dude, he IS a porcupine. He’s not EATING a porcupine!

And, then there’s this dude. Seriously, you’re too sad to mock. So, you threw your disucs, Roid Oid. Now what!?!?

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3 Responses to Why I Love Marvel Comics ~ Iron Man #127

  1. Mr. Q says:

    Spider-Man would not be able to go into this fight without going into quip overload. If we ever see any of these dorks in the Iron Man movies, its gonna sink the franchise. ^^;

    Mr. Q

  2. Andre aka AgentofShield says:

    Ok you’re right.

    That’s pretty lame.

    Didn’t Boomerang have the whole discus thing going on before he went for the ‘rangs?

  3. G says:

    You got to love the Porcupine though. Most unique costume I’ve ever seen. He looks like a cross between a walking haystack and cousin it from the Addams family. His newer costume makes him look like a chinchilla. At least Gentry died a her helping Captain America. He’s still buried in the Avengers gravyard reserved for fallen heroes.

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