An H&M Moment: Nice call, Nostradamus!

In honor of the announcement of the Hawkeye & Mockingbird ongoing over at the House of Ideas, we here at SmartassCo have made the decision to merge our “Mockingbird Moment” and “Hawkeye Holla'” segments in an effort to blatantly copy what Marvel is doing. After all, that’s the American way.

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3 Responses to An H&M Moment: Nice call, Nostradamus!

  1. Mr. Q says:

    Fellow male comic fans of the world, I offer this advice. If you’re this deep in trouble due to your mouth moving faster than your brain, best to stop talking and contact a lawyer (in your choice of blood red or emerald green).

    As for the other side of the “Only get better from here” argument, the only way that can get better is if the heads of Joe Quesada, Brian Bendis, and Mark Millar exploded like in Scanners. Even better is if this was loaded on You Tube and it became THE most popular viral video ever.

    Mr. Q ( I have a dream… of a world without d-bags)

  2. marvelsmartass says:

    Wow … that’s extraordinarily specific. I’m not sure eactly who this snarky examination of a panel from the 80s turned into an invitation to comment on the current editorial leadership at Marvel.

    I’m all for opinions and welcome them, but … wow … let’s keep it civil, people.

    • Mr. Q says:

      Sorry, been having a love/hate relationship with the current staff as of late. Plus seeing Dan Slott being snubbed out of any new Avenger titles ain’t helping much. Heard he’s getting to write Hank Pym in a new series but he deserves to write the whole team imo.


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