Why I Love Marvel Comics! Avengers #236

Back in my 30th birthday ode to the Jade Giantess,  I revealed my “conversion comic” — the one that started the snowball rolling down the hill — Avengers #236. And, what’s not to love!?!? Just check out this panel and think about it.

A gamma irradiated bombshell in a leotard and leg warmers fights side by side with unfrozen World War II vet and embodiment of the American spirit and a lotahrio from teh other side of the universe whose powers  are … in addition to strength, flight and minor invunlerability … being really really good with chicks against an army of pink lava men who stopped by the mall on the way to attack the Avengers to pick up matching purple speedos. And, get this, the reader’s voice in all of this — the voice of reason — is a teenager who was given super powers by a radioactive spider. Mr. Spider-Man, after reading this comic … I believe in lava men, too.

And, this is just the tip of the iceberg for this comic, gorgeously drawn and inked  by the powerhouse team of Al Migrom and Joe Sinnott. (The seed of my devotion to West Coast Avengers was planted here). Before the story is done, we find out the Moonstone, Blackout, Rhino and Electro are all being incarcertaed here … in a federal prison/research facility … just where you want to house badass dudes who are bent on taking over the world … yep, I was hooked in one issue.

(P.S. Honestly, they had me on page two, where She-Hulk jumps out of a hot tub and frightens Jarvis with her gigantic nakedness.)

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3 Responses to Why I Love Marvel Comics! Avengers #236

  1. Doktor Andy says:

    You sold me— I’ll check out that issue.

    Random Comment: I love what you do with the panels. Drop shadow, rotation, nice.

    • Mr. Q says:

      Check out the following issues as well, its worth the read. Classic Marvel action and adventure. Reason the web head wanted to join the Avengers was for the paycheck ($1,000 bucks per week). Nowadays, you can barely get by on one grand a week in modern day NYC. Also, any of Jennifer’s fiasco’s (her Naked Truth incident in Fantastic Four #275 is a good example) would end up on You Tube quicker than you can type OMG WTF on your cell.

      I must confess my first introduction to the emerald amazon was watching her debut episode “Enter: She-Hulk” on the 80s Incredible Hulk series. That was the best moment on my Saturday morning, an hour block of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends and the Green Goliath right behind him. ^_^ Although, I found Bruce and Jen’s ability to revert back to normal with fully intact clothing puzzled me and I was 4 years old.

      Mr. Q

  2. I fondly remember the cover and having the issue, but couldn’t remember it until you mentioned the She-Hulk panel!

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