The D in D.C. is for “Demon”

Okay, so I know I’m supposed to be a “Marvel” smartass, but the truth is that I find a lot to love in the history of the Distinguished Competition — most notably the creations of Jack Kirby during his 70s stint.

Mr. Miracle, Forever People, New Gods, Kamandi, O.M.A.C. … I love them all. And, I am extremely protective. Not everyone can “get” Kirby — Simonson, Byrne, Cooke, Mignola, Sioli do nice interpretations. But, when other artists try to take on the King, they fail.

But, Jesus Saiz on the cover of “The Brace & The Bold” … sick. Massel tov, Jesus! This cover is incredible.

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3 Responses to The D in D.C. is for “Demon”

  1. Mr. Q says:

    I picked up that issue yesterday from my local comic book store. JMS does an incredible job with these two different characters and weaves a story that can leave you in awe one moment and in sheer terror the next. Shame he had to leave Marvel and Thor so soon, but one companies loss is the competition’s gain.

    Mr. Q

  2. Pip says:

    Amen on Kirby. I like who marvel and dc are different. They do things and look at things in their own way and it gives each it’s own uniqueness even after all these years. There is much to like about both!

  3. Mitchell Craig says:

    I picked this one up the other day, myself.

    In a word: WOW.

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