Crime Does Not Pay, But Neither Does Crimefighting …

We have our priorities way, way out of order in this country when it comes to compensating those on which order and society rely … teachers, police officers, soldiers, EMTs, santitation workers … and AVENGERS!?!?!

Seriously, how many times has Beast helped save the world…and he’s keeping the few pennies he’s got in a piggy bank? Oh man! This guy is a genius scientist AND a super hero. What chance do the poor rubes the Avengers are saving have if Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are on welfare? Saly enough this little scene is about Hank McCoy trying to help Cap scrape together some dough to go rescue the Falcon … yipes! Didn’t Cap have a savings account in teh 40s that should be worth freakin’ millions by now?

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3 Responses to Crime Does Not Pay, But Neither Does Crimefighting …

  1. Willie Everstop says:

    Wasn’t this back when Beast used to blow through his Avenger’s stipend by partying with Wonder Man all the time? He probably had to buy a lot a drinks to get girls to scratch behind his ears just right.

    I guess Cap spends all his money on Veteran’s Day parades and the 4th of July just like my grandpa used to. Every year there’s probably a kick-ass Independence Day Super Hero BBQ.

    • Mr. Q says:

      Time for the Avengers to get financial advice to help them save more money, cause these days a dollar don’t get you much. ^^; Best advice I can give you is avoid getting tips from Jim Cramer. I only discovered this guy from watching the Iron Man movie and right then and there, I knew this guy was a f***in’ idiot. Any man that gets raked over the coals by John Stewart is not the brightest bulb on the X-mas tree.

      Mr. Q

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