In space … no one can tell you your mullet is fabulous …

Poor Sue Storm. She is a character who has suffered greatly, but this injustice?

John Byrne is one of my favorite illustrators ever, but he should be kept far, far away from Bryant Park for his multitude of super heroic fashion faux pas … Please, John, don’t EVER be a hair stylist. Like, ever.

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3 Responses to In space … no one can tell you your mullet is fabulous …

  1. Doktor Andy says:


    Also, Reed Richards has a cast on his arm? How does that make any sense at all?

    • benhameen says:

      His arm was broken by demons that were raised up by a woman I forget her name who was living next door to them when they attempted to live a normal life to raise Franklin. Quite convenient that the house they move into next door is a snoopish eldery woman with the ability to call up Mephisto.

  2. Mr. Q says:

    Ah, the 80s. A time where hair stylists ruled the world and good taste was so rare that it was almost declared a super-power.

    Look at it this way, at least its not as bad as her Malice outfit or her skimpy 90s costume. O_o Hope to God the kids never find out about these these wardrobe malfunctions later in life.

    Mr. Q

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