Why I Love Marvel Comics: Rawhide Kid #22

Why do I love Marvel Comics? Just three little words: The Terrible Totem!

I have always had a soft spot for Marvel’s old Western comics. And, this week, the good folks over at Marvel.com released Rawhide Kid #22,with one of Lee and Kirby’s kookier creations … a giant, menacing totem pole.The totem at times looks like, ahem  … well, propriety does not allow me to continue with that thought.

So, without further ado, let the madness ensue …

I don’t care how cynical and “sophisticated” you are.You have GOT to love a comic that has this panel … a well-appointed coyboy pursued in a cave by a living … and very angry … totem pole that is apparently “kissin’ cousins” with the heads on Easter Island.

Oops … watch those low ceilings, big fella! And, yes, let’s listen to the last guy. “You know where we should hide? The MIne … a place with no exits. That’ll work.”

Wasn’t this totem at the 1968 Olympics?

And, so full of righteous indignation. “You DARE to strike me? I’m only trying to kill you. What’s the problem,dude?”

Again, with the sensitivity … the poor, evil totem just wants to be liked  …

And, finally, the Rawhide Kid deafets him in bizarre fashion. Now, look, I am not making any comment about the modern take on the Kid. That’s cheap. And, homophobia and gay jokes are not how I roll. But, either way you cut it, shoving your face into the crotch of an animated totem pole  (with a “Thud”) to push it off a cliff makes for an awkward ending to this already whacked out story. 🙂

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5 Responses to Why I Love Marvel Comics: Rawhide Kid #22

  1. Mitchell Craig says:

    Strangely enough, it fits in with Rawhide Kid’s new characterization.

    • Mr. Q says:

      Could have been the reason for the character’s new direction. Just speculating… ^^;

      Mr. Q

      • Willie Everstop says:

        A headbutt to the junk is no joke. That’s the reason Giant Man never fights the Rhino. It is also how Puck from Alpha Flight wins most of his fights.

      • Mr. Q says:

        I can see your point, especially on the Giant man v. Rhino fight. That is one injury you don’t wanna explain to the medics in the E.R. O_o

        Mr. Q

  2. Nick A. says:

    Living Totem actually got turned in to a hero in the Doc Samson limited series a few years ago. Awesomely strange.

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