Tony Stark Rockin’ a Casio & Tigra Grows a Tail

It’s no secret that West Coast Avengers is my favorite comic series of all time. Not the best. Not my most respected. Favorite. It was kooky and obsessed with Marvel history and not afraid to be totally bat shit crazy. It came along just after I started reading comics … and here are two panels that demonstrate what I loved about it.

As Iron Man, Tony Stark lives his life on the razor edge of technology. But, I agree with Mr.Hellstrom … stop leaning on your electronic doo-dads, especially that damn watch! Dear God! It shows the day AND time down the second!!!

And, as for this panel … well … “Mommy! This comic makes me feel kinda’ weird …”

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2 Responses to Tony Stark Rockin’ a Casio & Tigra Grows a Tail

  1. Mr. Q says:

    Father, I had that funny feeling today. Can we have “the talk” now?

    Mr. Q

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