Yellowjacket + Carlos Pacheco = Bad Ass

Avengers Forever is a personal favorite. And, there are many, many memorable panels. But, I always gravitate to this one. I never loved the Yellowjacket character before this series. But, after … well … I can’t wait for Hank Pym to split his personality and start kicking ass with verve and arrogance again. YJ … you had me at kicking two dudes in the face at one time. Wasp/Scientist Supreme is nice. Sawyer as superhero is better.

How about John Walker ditches the USAgent persona and puts on the yellow and black duds? Hey,  Marvel … make it happen! Um … please?

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1 Response to Yellowjacket + Carlos Pacheco = Bad Ass

  1. Willie Everstop says:

    I just read a Busiek era Avengers Annual where the Yellowjacket personality splits off and then grows a new body from the dimension where Giant-Man gets his extra mass. Hank Pym might be due for another mental breakdown. He is already dressing as his dead ex-wife and giving flesh grafts to the robot who has her brain patterns.

    Also Avengers Forever is great.

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