A “Byrne-ing” Blast from the Past …

While thumbing through some old Avengers titles today, I came across this famous Bullpet Bulletins art from John Byrne … immediate flashback. I’m 36 … and remember coming across this and just salivating. I wasn’t one for ripping comics apart, but I tore this page out, thumbtacked it above my desk and studied it. Who were all these characters? I didn’t know them all at the time. But, I wanted to get to know them.

And, who could possibly render them better than John Byrne? This was yet another log on the pyre of a burning (no pun intended) chiildhood passion for John Byrne’s art. X-Men, Fantastic Four, Avengers, Man of Steel, Action Comics, She-Hulk  … he drew it … I bought it. Danger Unlimited? NEXT Men? Yep.

I honestly don’t know if it’s possible, but if there is a John Byrne renissance in the future … I know a 12-year old boy trapped in a 36-year-old body who’d be damn interested to see what form it would take.

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5 Responses to A “Byrne-ing” Blast from the Past …

  1. Mr. Q says:

    A true blast from the past to behold. Without John, characters like She-Hulk and Alpha Flight may not have made it far in the Marvel Universe. Thanks for posting this. =D

    Mr. Q

    • Willie Everstop says:

      I remember reading somewhere that it was John Byrne who convinced Claremont to make Wolverine such a bad ass. Byrne is Canadian and wanted a cool Canadian super hero.

      Sadly I just realized that I am in my 30s and I know the secret identities of everyone in that picture.

  2. gr1fter says:

    That was JB at the height of his powers. I fondly remember this too. Sadly, i dont think he draws like this anymore.

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