That’s Marvel BadAss! ~ Jim McCann

 So, for fans of Hawkeye and Mockingbird … it’s about to be Christmas. The new Hawkeye & Mockingbird series by Jim McCann and David Lopez debuts in June, and the Marvel PR machine is gearing up to make it a hit. And, all signs point to “Hell, yes!”

A few preview pages from Enter the Heroic Age #1 (featuring an original 8-page H & M story by McCann and Lopez) are now up at … and released a FREE sketchbook from the series today. Check it here and enjoy!

And, for me … an extra special present. Author Jim McCann and I met up at C2E2 two weeks ago — and today, I was able to interview him. He’s done quite a few, “What’s it like to go from marketing guy to writer” and “Tell us about how you got to bring Hawkeye and Mockingbird back …” interviews, so I wanted to get to know a little bit more about the series, but a lot about him and his perceptions of the Marvel U. We chose to go with more of a 15 words-or-less, lightning-round style. Hope you little smartasses dig it! 

About “Hawkeye & Mockingbird” …

Smartass: Tease us on “Hawkeye & Mockingbird” in 15 words or less — not quite the “elevator speech.” More like the “falling down the elevator shaft speech.”

McCann: Ever wonder what it would be like to follow the coolest, most volatile and yet loving couple around who also happen to have the best weapons, sharpest wits, and get in the worst trouble ever?  Add some super villains, espionage, car chases, secrets, and lies, and you have HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD (I cheated & went over 15 words.  Me no am math wiz. Me am writer.)

Smartass: If Hawkeye and Mockingbird get remarried, who would be at Bobbi’s bachelorette party?

McCann: Who says they WANT to?  They’ve done that. 😉  But if they did- Tigra, Jessica Drew, Firebird, Bangs, and London.  Dazzler would provide musical entertainment.  And Alkhema would crash it.  Mayhem ensues.  Crap, that’s my second arc & I just spilled it! 

Smartass:  Where does one go to get a replica of the crazy, cool beltbuckle the Phatom Rider has? Yowza! Cool AND terrifying.

McCann: Trust me, you DON’T want to have to go through what the Phantom Rider has gone through just to get a belt buckle!

Smartass:  Why Dominic Fortune? And, rocking the ‘stache?

McCann:  Gotta read to find out, but the answers will be forthcoming. 

Smartass: The panel in the sketchbook with Clint and Bobbi in a car and, like, 10,000 arrows a la “300.” Wha …!?!?

McCann: That’s one of my favorite moments.  I wanted to give Hawkeye the chance to do something he’d never done before. You’ll see how in the first issue!

Smartass:  What would “Bangs’” [Agent 89] Facebook status be today?

McCann: “Defused a bomb then made it bigger. Can’t wait to see the blast radius. Good times.”

Smartass:  What’s it like to see David Lopez pencils come in?

McCann:  Every holiday and birthday wrapped into one.  It’s like he takes my words and somehow reads my mind too and makes music with pencils.

Smartass:  The new WCA HQ looks cool. Who is the “IT” interior decorator of the Marvel U?

McCann:  Thanks! I told David what I wanted & we toured a high-rise building in Time’s Square to get the “elevated” feeling.  For all the cool tech stuff, it’s part insanity from my mind, and part honest research on David’s side.

Smartass:  When you’re confronted with “Hawkeye and Mockingbird are the Green Arrow and Black Canary of the Marvel U.,” you say …

McCann:  They’re not.  Anyone who says that hasn’t read Hawkeye & Mockingbird AND Ollie & Dinah.  If you had, you’d know that they are vastly different aside from having “bird” code-names.

Smartass:  Who would you cast as Hawkeye in the Avengers movie? Mockingbird?

McCann:  Don’t want to name real people because then rumors would swirl that I know stuff (and I don’t), but Sydney Bristow and Saywer would be my picks.

About Jim McCann the Dude …

Smartass: Outside of “Read a lot of scripts” and “Write every day,” what advice do you have for aspiring writers?

McCann: Read more & write more.  Watch TV or movies, listen to music, visit museums, and learn about other things outside your comfort zone.  You NEVER know where or when inspiration will hit, so be ready for it.

Smartass:  If you left a cookie on your desk and came back to find it gone, where would you start your investigation?

McCann:  One of my cats, probably.  Or with myself.  I am quite absentminded when it comes to eating.  I’ll either have 5 meals in a day or 1.  I’m not great with the normal eating thing.

Smartass: Which Marvel legend was the biggest thrill for you to meet?

McCann:  Toss up between Stan Lee and John Romita Sr.  Oh, and Gene Colan.  And all of the modern legends I’ve gotten the chance to know and become friends with.

Smartass: What comics catchphrase or exclamations do you use in real life? Come on … be honest.

McCann: “Mein Gott in Himmal” and just about every other Claremontian All New, All Different X-Men phrases.  Guilty of that.

Smartass:  So, you’re from Nashville — do you miss Goo Goo Clusters?

McCann:  That’s it, this interview is over unless someone gets me Goo-Goos NOW!

Smartass: What’s the first comic you ever bought?

McCann:  A very good friend gave me GI Joe #1 and Uncanny #168 (?), and then I started buying Uncanny with issue 175 and the first Hawkeye mini was one of my first finds in the $.25 bin.

Smartass: Has a comic ever made you cry?

McCann:  Brian K Vaughan can make me bawl.  In Runaways, Y the Last Man (especially with 355 and Ampersand’s final scenes), and Pride of Baghdad all make me cry. Also, I got misty the first time I saw my name in a comic next to the words “Written by”, I must admit.

Smartass:  Thanks to Brevoort, you seem to be a new Who fan. What’s your favorite line you’ve heard?

McCann:  Toss up here.  Hmmm- “This hand…it’s a FIGHTIN’ hand!.” “I don’t want to go.” and “Beans are Evil.”

Smartass:  What vintage comic are you on the hunt for right now?

McCann:  Marvel Super Action #1– Bobbi’s only appearance as Huntress.  I catch it for $$$, but am hoping to get a good deal on it.

About the Marvel Universe …

Smartass:  If you were picking your own X-Team, who would be your first pick?

McCann:  Everyone thinks they know the answer to this, but my FIRST pick wouldn’t be Dazzler- I’d go with Kitty.

Smartass:  Who is the most underutilized character in the Marvel Universe?

McCann:  HERE is my Dazzler answer.  I’d like to see her stretch out more in the MU like she did in her solo series.

 Smartass:  You’re a “Project: Runway” fan, what would Tim Gunn say to She-Hulk?

McCann:  Your lawyer suits are FAR more fashionable than your cousin.

Smartass:  Finish this, please – “Doctor Bruce Banner, belted by gamma rays, turns into the Hulk …”

McCann:  “Ain’t he un-glam-orays”, sung I *think* by Marvel’s own Flo Steinberg (that or she sang part of the Mighty Marvel Marching Society theme…)

Smartass:  What artist would open on the Dazzler/Cat’s Laughing world tour?

McCann:  Rick Jones

Smartass:  Storm – Mohawk or “No-Hawk”?

McCann:  MOHAWK!!!

Smartass:  If you could turn one Marvel property into a kid’s cartoon show, what would it be?

McCann:  Power Pack.

Smartass:  What if Wanda had said, “No more muppets”?

McCann:  Then I wouldn’t have Morris, my new muppet from the Whatnot Workshop.  That would make me sad.

Smartass:  What would happen if someone grabbed a cosmic cube with the Infinity Gauntlet while wearing the Serpent Crown?

McCann:  They would look like Tom Brevoort!  How else do you think he has all of that mighty knowledge?!

And, one last …

Smartass:  Who makes Fin Fang Foom’s underwear?

McCann:  It’s recycled Goodyear Blimps, hand-dyed by contestants on the Amazing Race. Duh.

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4 Responses to That’s Marvel BadAss! ~ Jim McCann

  1. writingthespectrum says:

    Wow, a skilled interviewer! People like you are so rare these days! You need to go around to every late-night show and teach Jay Leno, David Letterman and Craig Ferguson how to combine humour talent with intelligent questions. They seem to only be able to do one or the other.

    Have you ever interviewed “ItsJustSomeRandomGuy”?

  2. Please keep interviewing Jim. You two are hilarious together.

  3. Doktor Andy says:

    I can’t wait for this series! Excellent interview!

  4. Mochi says:

    Yeah, probably my favorite interview of the year! I can’t wait to see you both in action at HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC! You both totally deserve a heaping of BadAss love because this smartass thanks you for the great read!

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