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Why I Love Marvel Comics: Incredible Hulk #290

Do I even needs to say it? It’s a two-panel spread with A.I.M. beekeepers worshipping a female M.O.D.O.K.¬† Now, that I’ve seen ths … I may just have to stop reading comics. I’ve been to the end.

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Why I Love Marvel Comics: Astonishing Tales #13

Okay, so I love Mockingbird. We’ve established that, right? Well, long before “Astonishing” was a brand name for a new line of Marvel Comics, it was part of the title “Astonishing Tales,” a comic that spent a lot of time … Continue reading

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Why I Love Marvel Comics ~ Excalibur #14

Greatest. Panel. Ever. Okay, gang. There is no manipulation at work here. Just the insane dreamings of Chris Claremont and that brilliant, mad Brit, Alan Davis. Three of my favorite things in one beautiful little panel. Kitty Pryde. A.I.M. flunkies. … Continue reading

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Oh, CRAP! M.O.D.O.K. joined Facebook

Inspired by this hilarious story of a woman getting fired over forgetting her boss was a Facebook friend¬†and the equally hilarious site, Oh Crap! My Parents Joined Facebook, here’s an all-new issue of “A.I.M. High. You are going to want … Continue reading

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