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Why I Love Marvel Comics! Avengers #236

Back in my 30th birthday ode to the Jade Giantess,  I revealed my “conversion comic” — the one that started the snowball rolling down the hill — Avengers #236. And, what’s not to love!?!? Just check out this panel and … Continue reading

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The Longest 60 Seconds of Thor’s Half-Life

Marvel’s Greatest Tactical Errors: BONUS ROUND … ZOUNDS! After watching several failed attempts to breach in invisible dome-like barrier growing in New York, Thor decides, “Hark! I shall hurleth mine enchanted uru hammer into yon impenetrable barrier, by Balder’s bladder! … Continue reading

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Across the Universe – Marvel’s Cosmic 70th Anniversary Logo

Far out, man! Here’s the latest 70th Anniversary Logo … Marvel’s Cosmic Heroes. So many to choose from, Moondragon and Marvel Boy (The Uranian) just missed the cut. And, Galactus Fans. I called and called, but the current herald insisted … Continue reading

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