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“I AM AN AVENGER”- Sneak Peak!

If you’re like this smartass, you’re totally jazzed about the return to a more heroic, “comicbooky” Avengers team. And, you’re checking Marvel.com every day to see the next in the line of the “I am an Avenger posters.” Well, I … Continue reading

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“Heroic Age” – The E! True Hollywood Story

I don’t know what side of the fence you come down on, but I was really jazzed to see the promotional image for Marvel’s coming “The Heroic Age.” Now, I’m in marketing for a living … and I am not … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, it’s Primates Night!

Okay, I’ll fess up. There is no point. No commentary. No insight. No message associated with this post. When I sat down to decide what to┬áblog next … all I could think of was creating a composite for Beast, Gorilla … Continue reading

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TGIW! The 800-Pound Gorilla Wants His Comics

Hey, he has opposable thumbs. He can read comics and fling his own poo at the same time.

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