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Behold! The Fantastic Four

To create a companion piece for the Cap’s Kooky Quartet art I posted earlier this week, Jim McCann suggested I try my hand at something for the denizens of Earth’s Greatest Comic Magazine — The Fantastic Four! This was a fun one. I’d love to hear whatcha’ think … Continue reading

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That’s Marvel BadAss! ~ Week Seven!

Got a nice note about the blog from Brendan Tobin today. And, looking over his site, I found a link to Brendan’s second blog and labor of love … MARCH MODOK MADNESS … a site I do know well! And, if you haven’t … Continue reading

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Why I Love Marvel Comics: Secret Wars #4

It’s been a long day. I just took five to skim an Secret Wars #4 on Marvel.com … and what did I find, more reasons I love Marvel. It’s sharing time.   Okay, so it’s like 30 minutes after the … Continue reading

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Don’t you just hate it when this happens?

Guys, really, in this age of technical miracles, there is no excuse for not better coordinating your outfits. Now, in fairness, Dormammu has been around since the dawn of time, so …

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Elseworlds 2.0: The FF Star in The Brave & The Bold #28

Here’s our second foray into the world of “What If Marvel Superheroes invaded the famous moments of DC Comics?” This time, instead of the first family of Marvel Comics taking on a creature from inner space, they attempt to take … Continue reading

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