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Behold! The Fantastic Four

To create a companion piece for the Cap’s Kooky Quartet art I posted earlier this week, Jim McCann suggested I try my hand at something for the denizens of Earth’s Greatest Comic Magazine — The Fantastic Four! This was a fun one. I’d love to hear whatcha’ think … Continue reading

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That’s Marvel BadAss! ~ Week Seven!

Got a nice note about the blog from Brendan Tobin today. And, looking over his site, I found a link to Brendan’s second blog and labor of love … MARCH MODOK MADNESS … a site I do know well! And, if you haven’t … Continue reading

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Why I Love Marvel Comics: Secret Wars #4

It’s been a long day. I just took five to skim an Secret Wars #4 on Marvel.com … and what did I find, more reasons I love Marvel. It’s sharing time.   Okay, so it’s like 30 minutes after the … Continue reading

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Elseworlds 2.0: The FF Star in The Brave & The Bold #28

Here’s our second foray into the world of “What If Marvel Superheroes invaded the famous moments of DC Comics?” This time, instead of the first family of Marvel Comics taking on a creature from inner space, they attempt to take … Continue reading

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