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The Ms. Marvel Two-In-One!

The newfound love my daughter, Grace, has for Ms. Marvel apparently knows no bounds. I have been asked to create a costume for her and to explain exactly who this “Binary” person is. And, now, I have even been inspired to pick … Continue reading

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Junior Marvel BadAss! ~ Ms. Marvel Arrives!

Color me surprised, but the big Christmas present in my house has turned out to be the Marvel Super Hero Squad Wii game my wife got me. My little girls (4 and 6) like their ZhuZhu Pets and their art … Continue reading

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Oh, CRAP! M.O.D.O.K. joined Facebook

Inspired by this hilarious story of a woman getting fired over forgetting her boss was a Facebook friend and the equally hilarious site, Oh Crap! My Parents Joined Facebook, here’s an all-new issue of “A.I.M. High. You are going to want … Continue reading

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Marvel Women 70th Anniversary Logo

Okay … no gentle mockery today. Just a tribute to my favorite women in the Marvel U. And, for those of you questioning Mockingbird’s presence here … I say beware of flying battle staves.

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