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Why I Love Marvel Comics! Avengers #236

Back in my 30th birthday ode to the Jade Giantess,  I revealed my “conversion comic” — the one that started the snowball rolling down the hill — Avengers #236. And, what’s not to love!?!? Just check out this panel and … Continue reading

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“Heroic Age” – The E! True Hollywood Story

I don’t know what side of the fence you come down on, but I was really jazzed to see the promotional image for Marvel’s coming “The Heroic Age.” Now, I’m in marketing for a living … and I am not … Continue reading

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Oh, CRAP! M.O.D.O.K. joined Facebook

Inspired by this hilarious story of a woman getting fired over forgetting her boss was a Facebook friend and the equally hilarious site, Oh Crap! My Parents Joined Facebook, here’s an all-new issue of “A.I.M. High. You are going to want … Continue reading

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God Love Hawkeye … I know I do.

Calling people out in public is always a dicey proposition … especially at the “who’s who hero fest” that was the wedding of Reed Richards and Sue Strom in Fantastic Four Annual #3. But, that’s where Clint Barton is such a … Continue reading

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Mary Jane is Clairvoyant …

In honor of CBR’s 70 most iconic panels, I thought I’d update #1 just a bit …

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The birth of a smartass … a Marvel Smartass ..

The Disney aquisition of Marvel got me thinking about how it all began. If you can’t tell from my facial expression, this was the single greatest day of my young little life.

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