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Why I Love Marvel Comics: Marvel Two-In-One #43

This may be my favorite Marvel panel … ever. Leave it to Marvel’s long-time editor, Ralph Macchio, to put our words in Ben Grimm’s mouth. [Begin sarcasm.] What’s so odd,¬† Benny? It’s just your typical day when a sentient pile … Continue reading

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Marvel Two-In-One ~ The Thing!

Okay, so it’s officially a tradition. My daughter Grace (6) and I now have a date for our daily “Night Draw” as she calls it. The rules? We pick a superhero and, together, we have 5 minutes to draw it. … Continue reading

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Why I Love Marvel Comics: Fantastic Four #38

I love the 60s. Such a time of feigned innocence. Political correctness meant knowing the¬†right way to shake hands at a Kiwanis meeting, and, the Fantastic Four’s playfulness with Sue Storm was seen as cute. That’s why this sequence from … Continue reading

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The Thing Loves a Good Shiatsu Massage

Hey, Mamma Grimm’s blue-eyed boy is one tough S.O.B., but fighting the likes of Galactus, Dr. Doom, Blastaar and Puppet Master (okay, not so much that one) can bind you up even if you’re made out of orange boulders. On … Continue reading

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Elseworlds 2.0: The FF Star in The Brave & The Bold #28

Here’s our second foray into the world of “What If Marvel Superheroes invaded the famous moments of DC Comics?” This time, instead of the first family of Marvel Comics taking on a creature from inner space, they attempt to take … Continue reading

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Ben Grimm – This Man. This Mobster.

Again in honor of CBR’s Top 10 Panels in Marvel history … After enduring years of merciless teasing from his childhood rivals, Benjamin Grimm returned to rule Yancy Street not as a superhero, but as the boss, The Rockfather.

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Ben Grimm Suffered for His Art …

And, you thought The Thing was just for hittin’ stuff …

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