Summer Smartass Reading List

Last weekend at HeroesCon, I attended a great panel discussion about breaking into comics. Turns out there are lots of ways in, but there really is only one key: Be a great storyteller … both with words and visually.

I don’t know if my end game is “breaking into comics,” but regardless, becoming a better storyteller and studying how others do it sounds like fun. So, I have gone through my trades … some brand new and some old … and creators I like … some breaking in, some dominating, some no longer with us … to put together the list below. As I read, I’ll jot down my thoughts on what I learned, good or bad, from the books on this list. And, if you want to join me and read along, I would love it.

Up Tomorrow: “Lunchnotes” by Chris Samnee

The List:

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2 Responses to Summer Smartass Reading List

  1. Brandon says:

    That’s quite a list! Looking forward to your insights.

  2. mochi75 says:

    That’s a great list! I see you saved ‘Pride of Baghdad’ for last, smart choice. That one’s tough for me to get through. Not because the story or art is bad. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. It tears me up so much! There’s only one other story that get’s me even more, Isao Takahata’s ‘Graveyard of the Fireflies’ check it out –

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